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My seemingly weekly look at Google Maps errors is a little more sympathetic this week. I recently noticed that Virginia Route 237 is incorrectly marked on Washington Blvd. east of Glebe Road (VA 120). That is an understandable though — VA 237’s actual route doesn’t make any sense.

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VA 237 begins near the Fairfax City border at VA 236 (Main Street). VA 237 travels north up Pickett Road, but I don’t think there are any actual signs for it. Then, at US 50 (Arlington Blvd/Fairfax Blvd), VA 237 turns west for less than half a mile to Fairfax Circle, where it joins US 29 (Lee Highway) north (though more east then north). At that point, signs stat appearing with more regularity. VA 237 used to begin further west in “old town” Fairfax near the VA 236-VA 123 intersections. That route made sense.

After joining US 29, VA 237 is labeled east-west and decently posted (for Northern Virginia at least) through Merrifield and Fairfax County. In Falls Church, the posting isn’t great. The multiplex enters Arlington County just before Interstate 66. There, VA 237 breaks off onto Washington Blvd. for a few miles. At Glebe Road, VA 237 east turns right and joins VA 120 south, contrary to what Google Maps says. The 120/237 continues to Fairfax Drive where VA 237 east turns left. VA 237 then travels through Ballston before switching to 10th Street in Clarendon. This actually makes sense from a through-traveler perspective and there are even a few signs. South of Courthouse, VA 237 ends at US 50.

VA 237 is nonsensical in Fairfax City, redundant in Fairfax County and Falls Church and indirect in Arlington, just a Frankenstein-monster of a road.

My recommendation is to remove most of VA 237 since it is multiplexed or not even posted. I’d have it start at the Fairfax Drive ramp from I-66 east in Ballston and continue on its current routing to US 50 near Courthouse. Put up regular signs and it becomes a useful road. The Washington Blvd. section would be logical extension of VA 27 which is posted on Washington Blvd. east of US 50.

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  1. So you’d end the extended VA 27 where it joins west-bound I-66 at MM 69? Or would you continue it into Falls Church along Fairfax Drive and Lincoln Ave?

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