On Sunday when the Washington Nationals clinched D.C.’s first winning baseball season since the 1969 Senators, I tweeted that I was happy for Charlie Slowes, play-by-play man for the team since 2005:

I think only tweeting to Joe Theismann got me more retweets. Slowes is just that popular amongst Nats fans.

Slowes participated in a Q&A with MLB.com about how much fun he is having with a winning team. It comes through in the broadcasts, though even when the Nats were losing 100 games annually, Slowes and his partner Dave Jageler did a great job and kept it fun.

Returning to the Nats this last week is another franchise stalwart, John Lannan. The left-handed starter spent most of this season at Syracuse after the Nats rotation became too crowded this spring. While he initially fumed, Lannan seems to have made peace with what happened and really improved as the season went on. His two spot starts for the Nats resulted in two big wins, especially game 2 of a day-night doubleheader against Atlanta Braves after the Nats blew a huge lead the night before. He will get a few starts this month after Stephen Strasburg is shutdown, but probably miss out on any significant playoff time. This past weekend, The Post had a long profile of Lannan that is well worth reading. The sentimentalist in me is happy to see him back and wishes him well. It is a tough break being left out after all of those years of having to face other teams starters for bad teams; Lannan did and held his own. Of course, the $5 million or so he is making this year surely offsets it a bit. He won’t get that when he signs elsewhere next year, but at least he’ll get to pitch in the majors every fifth day. I think Lannan is the second-winningest Nats pitcher since 2005 and I hope he gets to leave on high note.

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