Nats lose Marlins series, Strasburg shutdown, rookies hazed

We interrupt the beginning of the Redskins march to the Super Bowl to bring you the weekend that was for the Washington Nationals.


Stephen Strasburg, perhaps feeling the burden of the looming shutdown and overanalaysis of it, couldn’t get it done against the Miami Marlins again. The Nats came back though and took the game to extra innings, but Tyler Clippard gave up three runs. The Nats got one back and had the winning run at the plate but kept striking out.


Davey Johnson
announced Saturday morning that Strasburg was shut down for good which probably makes sense. Strasburg wasn’t happy, which is what anybody could expect. Frankly, the thought of him being a little angry on the mound next year isn’t heartbreaking. I may have more to say on it.

Another subpar outing for a Nats starter (Ross Detwiler) puts the Nats in a 6-2 deficit, but some timely homers brought the Nats within one before that big Saturday storm caused a 2+ hours rain delay.

Bryce Harper’s homer (if Bryce Harper does anything, it gets the instantly embeddable setting from MLB video):

Jayson Werth tied it up in the first at bat in the bottom of the ninth after the rain delay:

The Nats finished off the Marlins in the bottom of the 10th, snatching victory from the jaws of the defeat.


Ricky Nolasco continued to dominate the Nats, shutting them out. Edwin Jackson couldn’t get it done on his birthday, losing his 10th game in 19 decisions. If there is ever a day to lose 8-0, it is the day of a rookie QB leading the Redskins to a season-opening victory.


For their final trip to New York, the Nats rookies were dressed as the USA Women’s Gymnastics team.

I was certain they’d be dressed as clowns.

No word on if McKayla Maroney is impressed.

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