Stephen Strasburg’s surgeon on Nationals shutdown: ‘I wasn’t asked’L.A. Times
UPDATE: The story has changed, or so they say. Here is the original report:
Remember that #strasburgopinons contest The Post did? Seems an important one was missed…

So, Washington Nationals general manager never consulted with Stephen Strasburg‘s elbow surgeon, Lewis Yocum in making the shutdown decision?

OF COURSE HE DIDN’T! (or maybe he did)

Wow, just wow.

So, Rizzo has some explaining to do. He basically got caught not doing his homework, outright lying, just being Scott Boras’ puppet or probably some of all three. Amazing.

I feel really badly for Strasburg he’s having to deal with this B.S. I’ve been on-board with shutting him down too, but whiskey-tango-foxtrot Rizzo. I expect Boras to have his own agenda, but my concerns that some of this is “LOOK AT ME, I AM SO IN CHARGE” behavior by Rizzo is completely valid.

Being a D.C. sports fan is pretty interesting. I’m too dumbfounded to be upset.


Stephen Strasburg surgeon clarifies role in pitcher’s shutdownL.A. Times

Dr. Lewis Yocum had told the Los Angeles Times that he “wasn’t asked” by the Nationals about whether to shut down Strasburg and had not discussed the subject with General Manager Mike Rizzo since last year.

On Thursday, Yocum clarified his comments by saying he and the Nationals — as well as Strasburg and his agent, Scott Boras — had agreed last year that the team would limit Strasburg’s innings this season. Over the course of this year, Yocum said, he has spoken with Rizzo and the Nationals’ medical staff but has left to the team the decisions about how and when to shut down Strasburg.

Yocum and Rizzo spoke on Aug. 13, as Strasburg approached his innings limit. The Nationals ended Strasburg’s season after his Sept. 7 start.

Okay. Weird story, somebody isn’t being honest I don’t think.

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