Arlington - Rosslyn from Key Bridge (1965)
Photo by roger4336 on flickr

I stumbled on a great flickr group recently, Arlington, VA before 1990. I didn’t spend a lot of time in Arlington before 1990 (or even 2000 for that matter), but I still recognized a number of things like the old Putt-Putt in Ballston which I went to once, not too mention Interstate 66/Orange Line construction, “old Rosslyn” and planning maps for highways never built (thankfully) in Arlington and some mid-century architecture. Plus there are a few things that are gone from the not so distant past, like Whitey’s (I went there once before it closed). There are a few Little Saigon photos too: Don & Mike used to jokingly call the county “Arlington, Viet Nam.”

The changes in the last ten years are amazing, the last twenty even more so. When I was younger, I remember Arlington as an area that seemed to be having a bit of a challenge transitioning from the post-WWII era. That challenge has been overcome in a big way. Some might say, too big, but count me a proponent of the increased urbanization of the county.

Moving forward, I’m going to try and do a weekly history post, probably about the D.C. area, but I’m not limiting myself to it.

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