The Washington Nationals won their division and with a win today could have the #1 seed in the NL playoffs. Other than that, the biggest mystery is will the Nats Let Teddy Win?

Given all the publicity of late with ESPN, the Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Tonight and even the White House and thousands of (untagged) DC Sports Bog posts. I have to wonder if we’re at a crescendo? The bit got old years ago, but in a sense, Nats PR was trapped because just ending it for the sake of ending it would be a disappointment. After all, had they done that, they could haven’t gotten Sen. John McCain in this (one-take, apparently) video:

Four years seems like a lifetime ago, senator…

I’d like to think that clinching the division and heading to the playoffs is sufficient motivation to end this on the final day of the season. From my perspective, having him win in the playoffs takes attention away from the achievements of the players, manager and coaching staff, front office, etc. If it were up to me, Teddy would win today. I’m not just saying that because I have tickets.

By chance, I happened to meet Ken Burns, who produces lots of epic documentaries about our nation, but also narrated that ESPN feature on Teddy. I asked him if Teddy would win and he dodged the question and noted he’s doing a Roosevelt documentary soon.

I asked the man behind the Let Teddy Win blog/store if Teddy winning today would be a tragedy of a dream come true:

Tragedy? Of course not. Many people have asked me what I’ll do when Teddy wins, as if it puts me out of business. The blog takes a lot of time, so if nobody wants to read it, I’m happy to close the door. But the reality is that the presidents race speaks to a lot of people in this town, and they want to know what’s happening at Nationals Park. I doubt that will change. When Teddy wins, and it will happen, we’ll pop some champagne, celebrate, and then go back to writing about the fan experience at Nationals Park.


4-2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. Adam LaRoche homered for the 33rd time, driving in his 100th run. Comeback player of the year? MVP talk is silly. The victory, number 97 on the season, was the 8th against the Phillies, meaning a win today would tie the Cheesesteak/Half-Smoke Challenge which we don’t really have a contingency plan for this year. Oops.

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