Just drop the “Corner” and make it Tysons already

Tysons Corner is unofficially dropping the ‘corner’ from its nameThe Post
Officials consider Tysons Corner name changeWTOP
I have been saying for years that they ought to just make it official and call the Tysons Corner area, “Tysons” and give it a mailing address. From The Post story a few weeks ago:

If it wasn’t clear before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors was presented this week with a marketing plan for the new Tysons, it certainly was after. The logo of choice is just Tysons, and when the man presenting it misspoke, accidentally adding “corner” out of habit, he was quickly corrected.

“I thought we were dropping the ‘corner,’ ” one supervisor interrupted.

The decision has never been formalized by anyone, but those in charge seem to agree it’s for the best.

“It indicates more than what Tysons Corner has meant historically,” Caplin said. “We want people to recognize that something exciting is happening here.”

Having grown up in Vienna, dropping the “Corner” was the typical reference. Just for fun, I polled a dozen co-workers on how they refer to the area we work in. The results
Tysons – 8
McLean – 2
Tysons Corner -2

That’s not scientific, nor is this poll below:

Tysons or Tysons Corner?
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I’ve been inconsistent though, using the Tysons Corner category instead of just Tysons. Perhaps I’ll change the tag to “Tysons” and let the “Tysons Corner” category stay. I don’t even want to talk about the apostrophe…

I’ll have more on the Silver Line and I-495 Express Lanes project later in the month, both two huge construction projects that are underway and getting closer to completion. Also, a special taxing district is likely on the way to pay for the Tysons of the 21st century (The Post).

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