Longtime Nationals broadcaster looks forward to playoffsWTOP
WTOP talks with the voice of the Washington Nationals, Charlie Slowes. Present at the creation, Slowes’ “Bang Zoom go the Fireworks!” “and a curly W is in the books” quickly became a part of the D.C. area vocabulary. He and his partner since 2006 Dave Jageler kept us entertained through years of bad baseball and are now finally getting to call a playoff team.

Prior to his working for the Nationals, Slowes spent seven years with the expansion Tampa Bay Devil Rays from 1998 to 2004. Add it all up and Slowes has been calling big league baseball for 15 years. This year marks his first winning season.

“It’s a lot of bad luck involved there,” he said. “But when the games are great and the team is winning, the storylines take care of themselves. These games are easy to broadcast. Maybe it’s the reward for having gone through everything we did when the games were nightmares, and you didn’t have good pitching and you didn’t play good defense and you had to find other ways to captivate the audience.”

I’m glad the Nats are finally as good as Charlie and Dave. Hopefully, we’ll get a full month of classic calls from them.

One thought — maybe it was those pancakes ads holding the Nats back. Who knew?

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