Redskins: The only thing worse than wearing the Steelers 1934 throwbacks would be losing to them

It is old news, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are wearing these on Sunday when they host the Washington Redskins:

Technically, those are “inspired” by the 1934 uniforms, back when they were the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NFL. To me, it makes them look like convicted bumble bees that broke out of prison and started running a 5K or something. Or this guy:

No te gusta indeed

Or is this just an elaborate homage to Christian glam metal band Stryper?

Still in rapid rotation on WDVE?

Of course, the only thing worse than having to wear that uniform or watch your team wear that uniform is watching your team LOSE to the team wearing those uniforms. So, don’t screw this up Redskins.

Q&A with guest prognosticator The Maryland Bureau Chief Emeritus coming up at 2 p.m.

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