Remember three weeks ago when I said I’d find some old Washington Redskins vs. upcoming opponent video along with a prediction every week? Maybe some comments about the uniforms too? Good times. I did in week 1 and the Redskins surprised me by beating the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. Then I stopped doing it and they went 1-2 without me blogging about them. By the way, Robert Griffin III is awesome, he’s kept the Skins in every game by himself. Imagine how good he would be with an offensive line, defensive line, secondary and wide receivers? Scary. Let’s hope he can keep himself healthy until pieces start coming together.

This weeks’ opponent is the Atlanta Falcons, who are coming in BeltwayLand undefeated. That’s kind of weird, because nobody takes the Falcons seriously as a franchise, even down in Atlanta. College football is king down there and that’s all well and good. Any way, when I think of the Falcons, I think of the Jerry Glanville/Deion Sanders era when they wore all black and hung out with MC Hammer. Today’s clip is from that time, the famous Seat Cushion game:

There is so much to love in that clip. RFK Stadium in its rain-soacked, muddy glory. Ron Middleton dancing, Glanville getting rained on and and of course the seat cushions. I remember watching it and my mother saying “there go the Mobil seat cushions.” She worked at Mobil headquarters back then. Final score was 24-7. Here’s The Post write-up: Redskins Put the Hammer Down, Outrun Falcons, 24-7.

Earlier in the year, the Redskins had beaten the Falcons 56-24 (The Post). Mark Rypien threw for 6 touchdowns and nearly set the team single-game passing record. Head coach Joe Gibbs asked Rypein if he wanted to go back in after the final touchdown and he said no, knowing that they might face the Falcons in the playoffs again. Ryp was smart.


The weather is going to be raw on Sunday, rainy and in the 50s — football weather! That should help the Redskins, an outdoor/grass team, against the Falcons and indoor/rug team. I figure RGIII is always good for at least 21 points, but I am not sure how he is going to handle the conditions either. Still, the Redskins might get lucky with the weather and steal one, but with the poor defense and special teams, I see RGIII getting them close, but falling short. Let’s say Atlanta 27 WASHINGTON 23 with kicker tryouts resuming Monday morning.


We won’t know until tonight who the Washington Nationals have to play on Sunday, but if the Braves beat the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, a trip to Atlanta is going to happen. That game will probably start around the end of the Redskins game.


By the way the “America’s Game” NFL Films on the 1991 season with Gibbs and Rypien (Charles Mann too!) featured is incredible:

The comments about Rypien and setting records in that regular season game against the ’91 Falcons start around 26:50.

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