The Nats players and coaches really bailed out Andy Feffer on “Natitude”

Remember way back in the spring when we found out the Washington Nationals wanted us to Ignite our Natitude?

“It’s a young team, with an edge and attitude,” Nats COO Andy Feffer told me this week. “But now it’s different than the past: they’re talented, and they’ve got the skills to back it up. That kind of edge and attitude is Natitude.”

I was skeptical of it:

I see what the Nats are trying to do and I’m sure the team will have more attitude with Davey Johnson talking playoffs and better young players, particularly brash rookie-to-be Bryce Harper. Still, the campaign is too easily mocakable at this point since they have yet to have a winning record since baseball returned in 2005 — it seems like hubris. Throw in some well-deserved skepticism for Feffer too. Also, Michael Morse and Danny Espinosa don’t actually have a sustained track record of excellence, though I think Espinosa’s upside is pretty high. Morse on the other hand, causes a little more skepticism.

Then the Nats started 14-4, winning without much offense, great pitching and late inning heroics. Natitude might have been said with a smirk initially, but as the wins piled up, you said with a wink. When you are winning, almost everything is fun. So, good job players and coaches, you took a marketing slogan that could have been embarrassing and turned it into something a lot of Nats fans enjoyed. In my view, Feffer can’t thank you enough. Now if he could only get consistent on the spelling:

Meet the new Nats, same as the old Nats? That’s the kind of Natitude we feared, but for the most part it was a good thing. After all, there probably wouldn’t be Hipster Jayson Werth without Natitude:


Sunday afternoon can’t come soon enough…

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