Washington Pigskins? That kind of works

The CityPaper has become the latest publication to announce they won’t use the term “Redskins” anymore. They held a brief poll to rename the team and Pigskins won out:

Over the last week, 1,125 of you voted on which of five names we should go with, and Pigskins—a.k.a. Hogs, in a tribute to the team’s great offensive line of the first Joe Gibbs era—stiff-armed the competition like John Riggins did to Don McNeal in Super Bowl XVII. The name won 50 percent of the vote…

…One added benefit to the name: The ’Skins abbreviation still works. And even the team’s fight song can fit our new style, with only slight modification: “Hail to the Pigskins, hail victory, Hogs on the warpath, fight for old D.C.!”

That’s a good a compromise that will ever be found I suppose. Of course, since it is the CityPaper making the suggestion, it won’t fly with Dan Snyder. PETA won’t like either, so the name has that going for it.

Of course, Redbullets is awesome too.

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