The penultimate game of the 2012 Washington Redskins regular season is this Sunday in Philadelphia against the Eagles. As always, for the second meeting of the year, I bring in @scrappled to talk about his beloved Iggles. You may remember him from the 17 different blogs he’s run over the years and his many appearances on this site.

WFY: So, if the Eagles do the unthinkable and fire Reid, Philly sports radio meatheads are going to be getting in fights with each other over which one of Buddy Ryan’s sons to hire, aren’t they?

@scrappled: Possibly, but we know this ends with Rich Kotite, Jr. taking the job in mid-January.

WFY: In all seriousness, what in the name of John Spagnola happened to the “dream team” that is a few games under .500 since the 2011 season? Was Philly foolish to go all in on Michael Vick?

@scrappled: Name it, and it’s gone horribly wrong. The defense has been awful for any variety of reasons. The defensive backs can’t cover or tackle. The sacks piled up by Jason Babin and Trent Cole have completely disappeared. Andy Reid refuses to lean on LeSean McCoy’s talents. Special teams are terrible. They’re seriously not a good football team in any part of the game. The Eagles are essentially one notch above the Jaguars.

WFY: What are the Eagles strengths, where could they cause trouble for the ‘Skins?

@scrappled: Alex Henery kicks a hell of a field goal. That’s about all.

WFY: Rookie quarterbacks are awesome! I’m just going to assume that Nick Foles has been a revolutionary superstar that has motivated the team to success no one believed they had in them, right?

@scrappled: Dead ringer for Napoleon Dynamite when he has his helmet on. In all seriousness, he hasn’t been bad considering that McCoy’s been out of the lineup for the past few weeks. The offensive line has lurched toward occasional competence lately, as well. Put it this way, I’m intrigued. I don’t look at the guy and think that there’s no way he can play at this level.
WFY: If Santa Claus makes an appearance at the game, will he be booed?

@scrappled: It’s tradition, man. If Santa shows up at a pediatric cancer ward, he gets booed.

WFY: What if it turns out the man wearing the Santa suit is…Buddy Ryan?

@scrappled: He’d probably try to choke one of his elves, thinking it’s Kevin Gilbride.

WFY: What are your best/worst Eagles-Redskins memories?

@scrappled: It has to be the infamous Body Bag Game, right? Anytime Brian Mitchell is forced to play quarterback, the world wins.

WFY: I understand from a previous Q&A that the owner’s now-ex wife was a proponent of the midnight green look. Is there any talk that a return to the true Eagles look of kelly green and silver happening? Seems like the end of the Reid era would be a great time to go back.

@scrappled: Doubtful. The owner isn’t exactly the type of guy who celebrates the franchise’s history, and that old shade of green isn’t something you see much in modern uniforms as the primary color. Loving that ketchup/mustard look for the Skins, though!

WFY: Which team do you think has a brighter future, the Eagles or Redskins?

@scrappled: Oh God, the Redskins by a mile. The Eagles have so much work to do in so many areas. They have to figure out what’s up with Foles, rebuild the offensive line, and completely change the defensive philosophy after the dumpster fire of the past two years.

WFY: Now that I have aggressively trolled your Iggles (thank you transcendent rookie QB and his quality backup!) have I jinxed the Redskins or are the Eagles just so committed to quitting on Andy Reid that it doesn’t matter? Who wins on Sunday?

@scrappled: The Eagles will be spunky for a total of 15-20 minutes during the game. That’s about all. Unless the Skins just blatantly give the Eagles two or three touchdowns via turnovers or special teams, it should be a comfortable win.

WFY: P.S. How much do you miss blogging?

@scrappled: Not for one single minute, at least not for a site that gets a million page views per month. I’m better off creating a Tumblr for Harrisburg sushi joints than ever going back to the admin/mod life.

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