Washington Nationals Batting Practice caps
First look: new MLB batting practice capsUniWatch on ESPN
The latest MLB batting practice caps have been leaked to Paul Lukas of UniWatch. The Washington Nationals version is above, along with the previous version.

I guess we now know what the Opening Day giveaway is going to be. I don’t care for it – I never liked the contrasting (usually white) front panel on a cap. The back of the cap is blue. Of course, whether it looks good or not is fairly unimportant, since not even the Nats players like wearing their BP caps:

Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper

UPDATE 12.28.2012: In case you were wondering what players think about BP caps, Nats Enquirer noted what Ian Desmond had to say.

Batting practice caps exist to sell more merchandise, yet they are typically ugly. The only decent BP cap the Nats ever had was the original one with the interlocking DC on blue with a red brim. Otherwise, they are nothing I’d want to wear for anything other than yard work to keep the sun out of my eyes and my good cap from getting dirty.

By the way, the New York Yankees new BP caps (they have two) are really awful too.

New York Yankee home batting practice cap

New York Yankee road batting practice cap

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