I invited a former co-worker, “DJ,” to talk about the Washington Redskins vs. Baltimore Ravens game this Sunday. I previously blogged a little about the matchup and my feelings about whether it is a rivalry, so go read that too.

Now that you are back from reading that link above, let’s get started.

WFY: How tough was it not having football after the Bob Irsay stole the Colts like a thief in the night in 1984? Do you hate the Indy team? I feel bad for Baltimore that it happened – they made Art Donovan cry and that is unforgivable in my book.

DJ: Not having football was no fun, but I didn’t really remember having it before since I was not too old when they left town. I don’t hate the Indy team (although my dad doesn’t care for them at all), and in fact I have been to Lucas Oil Stadium a couple of times. I do realize the history here though, so for the Baltimore Colts fans, I know how much having a team means to them.

WFY: What was your reaction to getting the Browns from Cleveland?

DJ: Knowing what Baltimore Colts fans went through losing a team through my dad and others, I understand their sadness over the loss of the original Browns. After reading the details of the move, it still was not handled well, but they did get a team pretty quick so I am glad they didn’t have to wait long for that, and they were able to keep the name and the full history of their original team.

WFY: Did the choice of Ravens as a team name work for you then? What about the purple and black uniforms? I feel kin of bad that Baltimore went from those beautiful Colts uniforms to the Ravens look. Also, what in the name of Tony Siragusa were they thinking when they wore black jerseys against the Steelers? I mean, switching to your enemy’s jersey color when you host them is just strange.

DJ: I like the name and the colors. The Colts were gone, didn’t make sense to try to go back to that. And I have no idea why they changed the color, so I have no real reaction. The loss doesn’t help my thoughts on that either!!

WFY: Did you ever make it to Memorial Stadium for football? What do you enjoy about whatever the current Ravens stadium is called? Why doesn’t it have a grass field? The two other closest stadiums (FedEx Field a mere 37 miles down I-95 and Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia) have grass. If they had to sacrifice Hammerjacks for a stadium, couldn’t they have at least kept a grass field?

DJ: I never went to a Colts game. I did get to Memorial Stadium when the current stadium was under construction, saw Brett Favre play with Green Bay against the Ravens, so was pretty cool. And sorry, I have no opinion on grass vs. fake — the field looks the same to me from the seats!! 😛

WFY: Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?

DJ: He is good quarterback, can absolutely be an elite quarterback.

WFY: What is the latest on linebackers Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis? How has the Ravens defense been without Ray Ray for most of the season?
DJ: Ray is a leader, but he isn’t the entire defense. He is missed, but there are other guys who are great too. Love Terrell, hate seeing him on the sidelines with injury, so happy to see him in the game.

WFY: Is Ray Rice going to just run up and down the field on the Skins on Sunday? What other weapons do the Ravens have on offense?

DJ: Ray Rice is great, love when he breaks away and scores, but there are others who make the offense work as well. Loving Dennis Pitta, and love some of the Torrey Smith catches. And Boldin…love that guy!

WFY: Have you seen much of Robert Griffin III play? Are you concerned about what he’s capable of against the Ravens defense?

DJ: RG3 is definitely electric — very smart and mature, and great QB. Not worried about what he is capable of — know what the Ravens are capable of too. Ed Reed or Jacaoby Jones interception(s) maybe? 🙂

WFY: Is Sunday’s game considered a rivalry game by Ravens fans? What do you think of John Harbaugh stumping for the Ravens to be Washingtonians’ second team?

DJ: Ravens/Steelers is a real rivalry, but I know the beltway rivalries are fun too! And I haven’t paid attention to any stumping — I recognize the Redskins Nation is solid/diehard.

WFY: Are you happy the band brought back the Baltimore Colts song with updated lyrics? I can’t believe they didn’t use it in the first place. Also, did you see The Band That Wouldn’t Die?

DJ: No thoughts on the Colts song since I didn’t know the song before (again, wasn’t too into the Baltimore Colts due to time they left and my knowledge of them), and didn’t see The Band That Wouldn’t Die, but my dad did and he loved it.

WFY: Is a crabcake and a National Bohemian the quintessential Ravens gameday meal? Or would that be a Heavy Seas instead of Natty Boh? Can you get either of those beers in the stadium?

DJ: I don’t buy much food in the stadium, but most of the places nearby have crabcakes on their gameday menu, so I definitely am a diehard for one during tailgating. And I can’t speak for Natty Boh since I don’t drink it — honestly I am guessing it is served inside, but I don’t like it. And I don’t know Heavy Seas at all 😛

WFY: Care to make a friendly wager on this game? Now, you aren’t in the office any more, but how about on Tuesday during the staff meeting the loser has to sing the winner’s fight song via the telephone?

DJ: I am not a wagering person (went to Vegas, didn’t spent a dime in the casinos), and I don’t know the words to the song and can’t carry a tune, but I can call into the meeting (only between 11 and 11:30 since I have meetings already scheduled) to have you acknowledge the Ravens win. 😛

Final score prediction will be completely wrong (I am terrible at these things), but lets go with 24-21 Ravens win!

WFY: I’m not delighted to predict that the Ravens will defeat the Redskins 24-20, but if DC pulls it out, I’ll happily send your the lyrics to Hail to the Redskins.

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