Long ago, I noted that the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority needed to sell solid black Metro station t-shirts for all stations. I learned today through DCist (linked through Greater Greater Washington) that all black Metro station t-shirts are available. That’s great, though $24.95 is a little steep. I might still have to get a Pentagon City station t-shirt, even though I moved out over 5 years ago. I still use that station the most after all and I still love the old neighborhood.

While these t-shirts (and the Metro shower curtain) are is a step in the right direction, WMATA needs to go a little further. Like many other people, we now put a model railroad around our Christmas tree. I can’t be the only one who would love having a model Metro train (H0) to circle my Christmas tree every year. While this isn’t Metro’s first priority, I’d still love it see it happen and I think a lot of Washingtonians agree with me. Here is the contact information to ask Metro to license a model train!

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