Nats sign Rafael Soriano, last year’s Yankees closer

Washington Nationals owner Ted Lerner is 87 years old and it isn’t unreasonable to assume he wants to win and soon.. The Nats are coming off of the best record in MLB, but had a first round playoff exit largely because the tired bullpen couldn’t hold a lead.

Superagent Scott Boras is well aware of Lerner’s wants and is the agents of several Nats players, some that were drafted by the team (Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Danny Espinosa), others than were picked up in free agency like Jayson Werth and the departed Rick Ankiel. Add to this Rafael Soriano, last year’s New York Yankees closer, who just signed with the Nats yesterday. So, did Boras find a sugar daddy in Lerner? Probably, but it isn’t the first time he’s done this and I think it has worked out for the Detroit Tigers (2 pennants in six years).

Two years, $28 million (though some of it is apparently deferred). This looks like a great signing, regardless of money, because who cares about the money. Here’s the Post story (
Rafael Soriano and Washington Nationals agree to terms on two-year contract worth $28 million) from Adam Kilgore who also speculated on signing Soriano on January 6 (What about Rafael Soriano?)

Thomas Boswell notes they are ALL IN.


Drew Storen wasn’t the only reliever to break down in Game 5, both Edwin Jackson (why was he in there?) and Tyler Clippard gave up runs. Storen blew it, but he had help and got squeezed on strike calls. I think he’s been scapegoated too much. He probably just got a jolt and wont’ get as many save opportunities, but will still get some in Davey Johnson’s A/B bullpen strategy.

Clippard’s arm is going to fall off sometime soon — he’s been so overworked the last few years. Bullpen depth is going to be critical.

Persumably, a full season of Strasburg and other starters being more seasoned means longer outings and the bullpen not getting worn out. That proved to be a problem in October.

This should be fun.

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