Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III‘s torn knee ligaments are getting a lot of attention right now. However, anything short of broadcasts from his hospital room are an example of DC sports media showing restraint. To put it in perspective, here’s a clip from 1985 after Joe Theismann broke his leg:

Memory is a fickle thing, but I’m pretty sure Theismann’s injury was the lead story on the local news for a few nights with live shots from his hospital room. That’s because Redskins football…is serious business. More so back then. Why, in the 1980s, the biggest three possible stories in D.C. were the following (in no particular order):

Panda cubs

Sadly, the cubs never survived, but SNOW was always big (theoretically just like now, haven’t been able to confirm lately) and the Redskins dominated everything.

Do long-time Washingtonians agree with me that the Redskins were a bigger deal back then than now? Let me know.

Author: WFY

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