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An ambitious new brewery is coming to the renovated Boilermaker Shops in the Near Southeast neighborhood near Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. Bluejacket (@bluejacketdc), from Neighborhood Restaurant Group,the people behind Churchkey, Birch & Barley and Rustico is expected to open in May. They are going big from the start:

…most brewers choose the first, more efficient, easier option. But in each case, the Bluejacket team is choosing the second. “We believe that if we do something really special, people will notice it and want to be part of it,” says NRG founding partner Michael Babin.

He admits that a brewery consultant hired to recommend equipment is “bemused” by the group’s decisions, since the Bluejacket team ultimately rejected a more conventional setup for one that will produce less than half as much beer and cost more than twice as much money.

There is a lot to the story, so make sure you read the whole thing. It should be a great addition to the neighborhood and not just for Washington Nationals fans on gameday.


JD Land has been keeping track of Bluejacket (and everything else in Near Southeast) for some time now and has many photographs of the site under development.

NRG’s beer director Greg Engert was quizzed in Esquire in January: The Bartender Questions: A Concession-Snack Home-Brewer with Political Regulars

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