Gio Gonzalez pitching in World Baseball Classic to appease MLB following possible PED links is my favorite conspiracy theory of 2013 Nats

Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez will pitch in Bud Selig’s World Baseball Classic (Nationals Journal, The Post) for the United States team. This comes a few weeks after the Miami New Times reported he name came up on scraps of paper at a “weight-loss” clinic that is suspected of providing performance enhancing drugs. Gonzalez isn’t alleged to have used anything illegal, but suspicion by association is in play here. Federal Baseball has a good breakdown of what’s going on with it.

When I heard that Gonzalez was a later addition to the WBC, I joked on twitter that he was encouraged by MLB to pitch in the WBC so that the little investigation might go away. I don’t really believe that happened, but joking about it is kind of fun.

I have a few concerns with Gonzalez going forward:

Don’t get hurt during the WBC! Nats fans are still scarred by Luis Ayala tearing his UCL during the WBC. Given how much he was (over)used in 2005, it was likely to happen anyway I suppose, but the memory lingers.

The PEDs thing: Lawyer up, Gio. If you did something wrong, don’t lie about it and get the suspension over as soon as possible. Sacrificing April and half of May isn’t the worst thing in the world. Also, the lesson of PED scandals is pretty clear – if you did, admit and move on. That’s what Andy Pettite did and nobody thinks about it anymore. Roger Clemens on the other hand….

Opening Day is 50 days away

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