Long live the Kings Dominion Law!

No August opening for Virginia schools likelyWTOP

A House bill that would have repealed what is known as the “Kings Dominion law” is unlikely to be considered by the Senate, which voted down a similar bill last week.

Northern Virginia school districts have been pushing for years to change the law so they could open in late August, like many schools across the country, without seeking a waiver from the Virginia Board of Education.

Really, Northern Virginia is against opening after Labor Day? I’m not. Weird, I’m in a agreement with Virginia and not Northern Virginia.

I’m a big fan of the Kings Dominion Law — it started when I was in elementary school. The theme park and other tourism related businesses successfully lobbied the commonwealth to delay schools opening until after Labor Day to extend the tourism season. I don’t buy the “it hurts test scores starting 10 days later” argument either. Also, as a commuter, I love that August traffic is considerably less — that’s like a vacation too.

Sadly, I can’t locate previous post(s) about this wonderful law…


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