THOMAS BOSWELL: Davey Johnson: At 70, Nats manager enters one final glory yearThe Post
It came over a week late, but the most-highly regarded Post columnist (according to Mr. Irrelevant) sent Davey Johnson a big Valentine in the form of the column above. It is, as expected, overflowing with praise and has the trademark paragraph or two of concern after the jump, but the overall narrative is that Johnson is incredible and perfect — the fanboy columnist’s impossible dream.

If Bos were hipper, he’d have said something along the lines of Davey can speak Spanish…in Japanese like the Dos Equis ads.

I’m looking around for scheduled chat, but can’t find one. If he shows up, I’ll post it here. UPDATE: Looks like he’s going to do one:

Ask Boswell: Redskins, Nationals and Washington sportsThe Post
“Sports Columnist Tom Boswell will take your questions about the Redskins, the Nationals, the NFL and more. ”

35 days until Opening Day…

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