If you were hoping that the Washington Nationals would tone done the Racing Presidents following last season’s long-awaited victory by the Theodore Roosevelt character you are probably disappointed. After the Nats finally “Let Teddy Win“in the final regular season game of 2012 they decided to expand the roster in the offseason. William Howard Taft (“Bill”) is now part of the Presidents Race as a foil to Teddy which is historically accurate — Taft had been Roosevelt’s hand-picked successor, but Roosevelt found himself outraged at the Taft presidency.

Oddly enough, the Taft character isn’t fat (The Nats Enquirer).

Since every idea worth doing is worth overdoing, the Nats are going big with the Presidents Race, traveling over the past week to Mount Rushmore, stopping at several spots along the way to South Dakota. Let Teddy Win has been covering “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” which includes them riding snowmobiles (the baseball equivalent of “I see Abraham Lincoln on a personal watercraft” I suppose) and Teddy in Deadwood playing poker. There was twitter taunting between @Teddy26Nats and @NatsBigChief27 They reached Mt. Rushmore yesterday:

Taft descendants rally around new racing president

I’m resigned to this being a big part of the Nats identity, but for all that is holy in the church of baseball, please stop calling this “THE MAIN EVENT.”

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