Pittsburgh: Zipline proposed from Mt. Washington to North Shore

In today’s edition of “it’s a crazy idea, but it just might work” there is a proposal to build a $3 million zipline over the Ohio River in Pittsburgh. KDKA-TV has more details – Mt. Washington To North Shore Zip Line Proposal Awarded Grant

A proposed zip line that would sail from Mount Washington to the North Shore has been awarded a grant. It would cross the Ohio River at 50 miles-per-hour with a 400-foot drop.

A ride would take about a minute and cost $30. I wonder if there would be a commuter discount.

I have no idea if there is a business model for this but I’m intrigued, because if it works there, perhaps it could work elsewhere. I’m skeptical D.C. can get one (Rosslyn to Georgetown?) because of the National Park Service and well, tophography. Who knows, maybe one from the Jersey Palisades into Manhattan would work. Perhaps a re-purposing of the Roosevelt Island trams…

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