Redskins plan to improve FexEx Field playing surface by re-sodding during seasonThe Wash. Times
One of the topics brought up during the official groundbreaking of the new Richmond training camp for the Washington Redskins was the turf at FedEx Field.

“We missed an opportunity last year during a window between the seventh game and the 10th game to re-sod the field,” Allen said.

Allen indicated that FieldTurf was not an option which pleases me. I can’t stand artificial turf — grass stains, mud, etc. are part of the game. Now, the conditions in Landover were poor late last year, but they have had success keeping the field in reasonable shape late in the season before:

FedEx Field 2005
December 23, 2005 – Washington Redskins vs. New York Football Giants. Looked okay that day.

Penn State threatening in Indiana territory
November 20, 2010 – Indiana Hoosiers vs. Penn State Nittany Lions. Looked really good that day.

Maintaining reasonable turf conditions in late autumn and winter has been done before and can be done again. Allen indicated that once the schedule is out in April, they’ll plan for re-sodding so the field will be better late in the year. Glad to see that they are planning in advance. I am curious to know why they missed the opportunity last year — was that at the groundskeepers discretion or more likely, management?

On that other topic that has been getting some attention as of late:

In all seriousness, the arguments for changing the name are better than the ones for keeping it. I don’t plan on blogging about it anymore.

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