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Bourbon Blog reports that Maker’s Mark bourbon will be bottled sold at 42% alcohol by volume, down from 45%.

The reduction of proof will be permanent for this global brand and will help Maker’s Mark to put their popular Bourbon in the hands of consumers who are having difficulty finding Maker’s on the shelves.

This decrease is apparently to keep supplies from decreasing significantly. I think it is safe to say that the remaining 45% ABV bottles are going to disappear. I suppose I’ll get another big bottle of it, but I almost don’t want to as I feel like I’d be “rewarding bad behavior.” Rob Samuels of Maker’s claims:

“We’ve confirmed the taste of the 84 proof Maker’s is exactly the same as what consumers taste in the 90 proof by our tasting panel,” explains Samuels.

This tasting panel consists of full time Maker’s Mark employees.

My friend, the legendary Joe Riley, brought this to my attention and added:

Call me cynical if you want to, but the untold secret of this is, that parent company Beam Global will save millions of dollars per year in federal excise taxes on alcohol-by-volume, while increasing production JUST BY ADDING MORE WATER! So the price should go down, then, right? (Bwahahahahaha!) Um, no.

If you want a wheated Bourbon that is a proper proof, go with the original; W.L. Weller. Their “Special Reserve” is 90-pf, their “Antique” is 107-pf, and both bottles cost LESS than Maker’s Mark.

Maker’s Mark isn’t the first whiskey, I mean whisky, to water down the product — Jack Daniel’s has done it twice over the years (scroll down), though that isn’t bourbon.

By the way, I’m a “Maker’s Mark ambassador” which means they send me tschotskes from time to time and someday will invite me to Kentucky to get some bourbon out of a barrel with my name on it. I received an email explaining the situation, but I saw Joe’s Facebook update first.

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