D.C. residents and businesses are pledging allegiance to the stars and bars1The Post
I love the District of Columbia flag — three red starts over two red bars on a white field. It is based off of the Washington family coat of arms and debuted in 1938, according to Ghosts of DC: At Last! DC Finally Gets Its Own Flag.

The D.C. renaissance of the last few decades has seen a great appreciation of the D.C. flag which is wonderful for multiple reasons. On aesthetics alone the flag is a welcome sight – a 2004 North American Vexillological Association survey ranked the D.C. flag the best on the continent. Another aspect is residents and businesses embracing the flag as Washingtonians, a direct contradiction to the tired, flippant and overstated remark that “no one is from here” that applies to the District as well as the Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs. DC Brau invokes the flag, but so do many other business as mentioned in the linked article above and on these Curious District blog posts. Just last weekend DC United fans displayed a card-block flag in the stands (DC Sports Bog, The Post).2

Marylanders have also embraced their excellent flag, though sometimes too much. I’m looking at you, University of Maryland/Under Armour.

While I love the D.C. flag, I don’t “claim” it since I am not and am not likely to be a District resident for the foreseeable future. I’m quite happy being in the District’s orbit, inside the Beltway for now, in Northern Virginia. I certainly identify with Washington and the greater D.C. area much more than I identify with the Commonwealth of Virginia. Though if Virginians want to embrace the commonwealth’s flag like Washingtonians have the District flag…

The D.C. flag photograph by flickr user Mr. T in DC is used under creative commons license.

1Not a great headline, since stars-and-bars usually means the battle flag of the traitors in the War of Southern Aggression. Stealing that term though would be kind of fun.

2Best fanbase of all the D.C. pro teams, bar none.

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