Cherry Blossom Festival announced; blossoms to peak March 26-30The Post
We going through a sequestration and we have a Snowquester forecast for the middle of the week, but spring is closing in and in about three weeks the Tidal Basin will probably be surrounded by the beautiful white, pink cherry blossoms.

The peak bloom date is predicted to be between March 26 and March 30, a National Park Service official said.

Peak bloom dates announced for DC cherry treesAP/WTOP

National Park Service cherry tree expert James Perry made the prediction for the peak bloom season at a press conference Monday.

The average peak bloom date is April 4, but last year’s peak bloom date came earlier on March 20, due to the warm weather.

Hey, its a new guy this year — it used to be Rob DeFeo.

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Even with the coming snow, skiing seems to be out for the rest of the winter, so I welcome our spring flowers though I am concerned about the allergies they will bring. Daffodils have been budding and are now starting to blossom along the George Washington Memorial Parkway near Arlington Memorial Bridge. I have not seen crocuses bloom yet though. Forsythia have been threatening to burst open and have here and there. Hopefully, we’ll get a good season out of them, it always seem they suffer from a false start.

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