In the ‘what exit?’ state, famed Turnpike, Parkway logos could be marketedStar-Ledger
Several years after knockoff apparel, stickers and other tchotchkes became available, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority is getting ready to sell official merchandise. Already, unauthorized vendors are selling t-shirts with the Turnpike and Parkway logos on them. Additionally, there are plenty of stickers for various exits, usually relating to the Jersey Shore, i.e. EXIT 10 for Stone Harbor. Sometimes they do a better job than others.

The trend isn’t unique to New Jersey or highways. Transit systems, especially New York’s MTA, but also Boston’s MBTA have been selling merchandise or had others doing so for some time. Metro, the D.C. area’s subway systems has had an online store in the past, but it is down currently. I saw some “incorrect US 17 stickers along the Grand Strand” last spring, while “correct” NC 12 stickers are seem with regularity on vehicles of Outer Banks partisans. Haven’t seen any MD 528 stickers for Ocean City, Md. fans though. I’m not sure I’ve seen Delaware Route 1 stickers either.

The market for this kind of stuff is clearly established and the Turnpike Authority is catching up. Perhaps they ought to loop in the Atlantic City Expressway as well. I’d like to see the same marketing happen with the interstate highway system as well. I wonder if the Pennsylvania Turnpike, New York Thruway, Mass Pike and other toll authorities will do this as well.

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