Are Nationals Park naming rights in play? I don’t really care

Nationals Park sign near home plate
Nationals owners may be waiting for the perfect pitch to sell park’s naming rightsThe Post
Nationals Park was expected to be a temporary name for the home of the Washington Nationals, yet 5 years and 5 days after it opened, the name has become “permanent.” Wrong again, Stan Kasten.

Now, with the team much improved on the field and filled with superstars, is a new sponsored name on the way? That’s what The Post is wondering “Should the Nats sell the naming rights to Nationals Park?

I don’t really care.

I love Nationals Park as much as any other fan, but we’re not talking about renaming Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, etc. The expectation of the modern stadium is that it gets some sort of corporate name, ideally from a local/regional company that people like, but that doesn’t always happen. Does anybody care that the hockey/basketball arena in town has been named after phone companies? Not that I’m aware of — it even gets called “The Phone Booth” though our kids might wonder what a “phone booth” is since the last one in the area is long gone. Heck, I hear the ballpark called so many different things in D.C. media – Nats Park, Nationals Stadium, Nationals Park, Nats Stadium, etc. So, go ahead sell the rights, I’ll get over it really quickly, especially since the revenue will make up for not having their own TV rights.

Naming rights and Tomo Tomo TomoNovember 26, 2006
I pondered potential names and reported Tomo Ohka might be interested in returning. The Jim Bowden era!

OLD RUMOR: I had forgotten about it until Wednesday morning, but I recall overhearing from somebody with ties to ExxonMobil that the oil company was poised to sign up for the Nationals Park naming rights, but the District of Columbia expressed opposition to that partnership. We might have been going to the “gas station” to watch the Nats all these years.

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