One of the things I was hearing this spring was that the Washington Nationals might be a bigger story nationally than locally. I’m not sure about that, though they were the lede photo on the cover of USA TODAY which in fairness is headquartered just outside the Beltway in Tysons:

Bryce Harper-Ryan Zimmerman USA Today cover

Bryce Harper was also the #1 must-see athlete in sports according to one USA TODAY blogger.

Now, The Post, The Wash. Times and The Wash. Examiner also have the Nats as the the frontpage lede photo too which you can see (at least for today, I may save them and keep them up) on the Newseum Frontpages for D.C. (and Delaware for some reason) page. The two broadsheets have stepped up their coverage, a welcome sight to all Nats fans.

Also, Channel 9 WUSA, which simulcasts MASN games during the season, seemed to be nothing but Nats coverage after the game. At least every time l looked up at the screen at Sin’e, they were talking featuring the Nats. This was over an hour after the game. So, I’ll concede that I was wrong that being on a VHF vs. UHF station makes a difference — you were right Dan Steinberg!

Then there is this tweet (retweeted from @MrIrrelevant)

So, I think the argument that the Nats are bigger nationally (or internationally!) than locally is not a strong one with one exception.

WTOP, the D.C.-based all-news radio station that is routinely in the top 2 for radio ratings teased “O’s Opening Day” in the run up to national news at the top of the 8 o’clock hour and then led off with the Baltimore Orioles during sports. Really. The day after the WASHINGTON Nationals had their home opener which was a shutout win over the Miami Marlins with a superstars performing really well.

It is also worth noting that their sports director Dave Johnson and primary sports reporter Craig Heist are both Baltimore-area natives.

In fairness to WTOP, the trend has been going in the right direction with Heist at Nats Spring Training and most of the Web content being Nats focused. However, viewing through the lens of community journalism putting Baltimore before the local Washington teams is always a mistake. It isn’t like WTOP covers Baltimore city council regularly either.

Get with the program WTOP! Everybody else has — you are the only holdouts for treating a BALTIMORE team as a D.C. team.

I think I’ll give WNEW a try tomorrow morning.

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