Caps & Nats opponents dealing with some pregame issues which are surely just a coincidence

Tuesday saw two instances of mishaps befalling the opponents of D.C. teams. First, the Winnipeg Jets:

The Washington Capitals host the Jets in a critical South(L)east Division game. Brian McNally has the Caps playoff math in The. Wash. Examiner. In short, if the Caps win in regulation or overtime (but not the shootout) they clinch the division. Other scenarios are also presented in the link in the preceding paragraph.

Hockey players often take naps in the afternoon before night games.

Down the Green Line the visiting St. Louis Cardinals ran into some problems during their warm-ups before tonight’s game with the Washington Nationals:

Yup, sprinklers going off, how unusual.

This is all amusing, at least before the games, but if I were on the the Jets or Cards, I might be slightly more motivated. Not that the Jets need it, after all there is a division title on the line. As for the Cards, it is an early regular season game, but given the recent history between the two clubs, they may have some heightened awareness.

I’m hoping it’ll all be a fun anecdote as fans joyfully head to the Gallery Place/Chinatown and Navy Yard Metro stations post-game. If either of the visitors prevail, I kind of expect to here post-game remarks about these little incidents.


Much like the current Nats, the shenanigans had a .500 record.

The Caps did their part, winning 5-3 to clinch their 7th and final Southeast Division title (Japers Rink). This is the same Caps team that started this lockout abbreviated season 2-8-1. Had ’em all the way!

Mission accomplished, Steve.

Meanwhile, the Nats could not get across the plate again, wasting another quality start by Ross Detwiler. The Cards took the series behind 8 strong innings of Adam Wainwright pitching. Final score, 2-0. Davey Johnson is mad (Nats Enquirer). We’re all mad. There is no way this team should be 10-10. The Caps do provide a recent reminder that a bad start can be overcome, but then again the Nats aren’t in the SouthLeast division like the Caps.

The series concludes at 1:05 this afternoon.

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