Are you missing John Lannan yet? I am. It isn’t too early to hit the panic button the season, not by a long shot, by go ahead and press it for Dan Haren. He was tagged with 6 runs in 5 innings. GM Mike Rizzo’s $13 million free agent hasn’t looked good at all. In a tight division, losing every 5th game is going to cost the Nats dearly.

Meanwhile, up in Philly, Lannan has pitched 13 innings over 2 starts with an ERA under 3. Rizzo is looking pretty dumb a few weeks into the season. Haren is looking washed up.

Ryan Zimmerman has 4 errors that have led to 7 unearned runs this season. He says his shoulder feels fine. All mental? He needs to get that fixed and soon.

To be fair, 2/3 of the outfield had the flu last night. However, that didn’t cost them eight runs.

Washington Nationals fall, 8-2, to Miami MarlinsThe Post

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