Former walk-on (he hates being called that!) quarterback Matt McGloin has turned his up and down Penn State career into a mini-camp invitation by the Washington Redskins. Here are what Redskins fans ought to know:

He’s short

His arm is not a Division-IA (okay FBS) arm

He likes to throw deep

He has a temper and missed a bowl game after getting knocked out in a fight with a teammate during the worst month in his university’s history

He’s got MOXIE

He’s from West Scranton

He was great off the bench in several games

He is motivated by the doubts of others

He’s a ginger which some people make a big deal about

He had an Irish tri-color mouthpiece

He does not lack in confidence

He has started and won at FedEx Field before.

Penn State threatening in Indiana territory

When he plays within himself, he’s very effective

He beat out several highly recruited quarterbacks over and over again

He performed very well in a pro-style offense his senior year

He is an amazing success story that gets overlooked because his moxie rubbed people the wrong way at times

He will compete for a back-up job somewhere

I’ve got several seasons of Matt McGloin coverage from when I was a regular Penn State blogger.

I’m pulling for him. (Sorry Rex)

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