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Nats Presidents race to include character from HBO’s ‘VEEP’ – DC Sports Bog, The Post
Making the Teddy Roosevelt character lose for every race for 7 years wasn’t enough.

Adding Roosevelt nemesis William Howard Taft wasn’t enough.

The Washington Nationals in-game entertainment brain-trust is bringing in a Racing Vice President or at least the one Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who spent at least some of her childhood in the D.C. area) plays on television.

Yes, that’s right, the Julia Louis-Dreyfus character from that HBO show — or a presidentialized version of her, anyhow — will partner with Teddy against the team of Abe and Taft in a presidential relay race at Nats Park Tuesday night, in advance of Sunday’s 10 p.m. season two premier. She/it will also be in the center-field plaza before the game, and will be involved in several in-game promotions.

The Selina mascot, made by the same folks who manufacture the presidents, has been cruising around D.C.’s sites in recent days, in preparation for this momentous announcement.

The Nats marketers are really testing the “you can never go to far” view of life aren’t they. Of course, we keep writing about it, so shame on us I guess. Of course way back at the dawn of the 21st century Nats, I would have had a racing donkey and elephant. I also would have had a panda mascot instead of a pelvic thrusting eaglet thing named after a Saved by the Bell character.

If they want to bring Julia Louis-Dreyfus in person, that is another story.

By the way, some of the best weather of the season is going to be here for the upcoming series against the Chicago White Sox, featuring the return of Adam Dunn.

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