I’ll admit, I had grown skeptical of the 2013 Washington Nationals and I did not see the series victory over the Cincinnati Reds coming. Three wins in a row followed by a dud yesterday. The dominant pitching of the first two nights was quite refreshing, in particular Jordan Zimmermann’s outstanding complete game on Friday night. They took the regular season Reds series 4-3.

An opprutunity is in front of the Nats this week with four games against the Atlanta Braves, who stormed out of the gate this season. They’ve already had some fun with “Natitude” and are now pushing “Gattitude” (DC Sports Bog, The Post) for their young catcher, Evan Gattis. Divisions aren’t won in April though, but a bad series here makes the climb back harder for D.C.

One thing leftover from that difficult sweep a few weeks ago — I recall reading a post about the Braves broadcasters suggesting the Nats rise through the draft was not the “right way” because they built the team off of #1 overall picks through losing. The Nats couldn’t do things that way — MLB’s ownership tenure left the franchise so barren that they couldn’t build any other way.


Not a bad start to Bryce Harper’s career? The anniversary of his debut was this weekend. A documentary is on ESPN tomorrow (DC Sports Bog, The Post) night at 9 p.m. Also, D.C. sports world’s collide – Jess Atkinson, local product turned Washington Redskins kicker and then sports anchor, produced it. Too much too soon? Probably.


Read it anyway.


The Washington Nationals debuted in the National League
D.C. Baseball History

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