Get the remote control handy — the Washington Capitals begin their Stanley Cup run tonight and they are totally going to get it this time. First off, they have to get past the New York Rangers which they have done in 2009 and 2011, but not in 2012. Vengeance for last year’s elimination is surely on the Caps mind. They are playing at the same time as the Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves finale so I’ll be back and forth.

There was a great story about the coaching staff in yesterday’s Post: Washington Capitals coaches are direct link to team’s run to 1998 Stanley Cup finals. Adam Oates, Olie Kolzig and Calle Johansson were all part of the improbable 1998 Stanley Cup Finals appearance and are now head coach, associated goalie coach and assistant coach respectively.

The pointless NHL Lockout kept me from getting into the team quite like I have been in the past. I also thought they were dead in the water in March and have been proven wrong. I can’t credit Oates enough for getting Alex Ovechkin to remember that he’s ALEX OVECHKIN, goal-scoring champion. Good work, for now and the future.

Apparently, Ovechkin just missed being the first Capitals Sports Illustrated cover boy (Mr. Irrelevant). Give the recent history of D.C. athletes on that magazine’s cover, I’m okay with it. More from DC Sports Bog: Alex Ovechkin’s almost-SI cover. Also, Jason Collins, most recently a Washington Wizards bench player, might be doomed though, not for his announcement, but being on the cover. Be careful Jason!


The original commercial is gone. Thankfully.


Caps in six. The Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Eastern Conference though — it’s a lock.

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