Chinese investors to fund turnpike-I-95 connectionThe Inky
The multi-generational saga to build an interchange between the I-276/Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 95/Delaware Expressway just got weirder:

To help pay for the construction of the long-awaited connection between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-95, turnpike officials plan to borrow $200 million from wealthy foreign investors.

The investors, expected to be primarily from China, could get green cards for themselves and their families to live in the United States in exchange for their money.

Ummmm, ooookkkkkaaaayyyy.

Some background — this interchange is really, really overdue. The project manager has been working on it since 1984!

Interstate 276, the eastern most number for the Pennsylvania TurnpikeInterstate 95, Pennsylvania shieldWhen the interstate highway system was built, the Pennsylvania Turnpike avoided building direct connections with the new interstate highways. The lack of a direct connection with the eastern part of the Pa. Turnpike and I-95 became particularly troublesome when I-95 through Central New Jersey was cancelled. I-95 was to be re-routed onto the last few miles of the Pa. Turnpike to connect it with the New Jersey Turnpike. That was planned over 30 years ago. The Pennsylvania Turnpike commission has been dragging its feet on construction, because they were happy about having to build it, even though they’ll get toll revenue for it. Now, this crazy scheme.

The first part of the interchange is expected to be completed in 2017.

I still like Terry Madonna’s idea better (need to update it a little though): Madonna: Hugo Chavez should lease Pa. Turnpike

Author: WFY

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