The Washington Nationals host the Chicago Cubs this weekend and will host more day games against them then when they visit Chicago. That happened two years ago — all three games were scheduled as night games, but Mother Nature saw the folly of that and rained a game out.

Times are tough on the North Side and tension between the team and neighborhood is high:

No joy in Wrigleyville as Cubs, neighbors clashUSA Today
Cubs ownership wants significant changes to Wrigley Field, including a giant video board and more advertising. The rooftops, once a quaint feature are now big business that is threatened by proposed modernization. Finding solutions to the challenges of making a century old neighborhood ballpark sufficiently competitive is going to be tough for both sides, but concessions are going to have to be made as mutually assured destruction is the consequence if they aren’t. Wrigleyville won’t be Wrigleyville without the Cubs and the Cubs won’t be the Cubs without Wrigley — they’d just be a hapless franchise that hasn’t won in our grandparents or great-grandparents lifetimes. I hope they work it out, because I have a soft spot for the Cubbies.

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of Chicago Cubs games on superstation WGN. Without our own local team, the Cubs were a pretty good proxy – they had so much going for them:

Day baseball!

Wrigley Field

Harry Carray, especially after the middle innings on the radio, when he came back “refreshed”

I never made it out to Wrigley Field and that’s a regret that I hope to correct someday. I refuse to do it at night though.

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