The Washington Nationals bowed to fan brushback, media scolding and common sense in reversing the stupid ticketing policy I blogged about earlier today. Andy Feffer was quoted in this Nationals Journal (The Post) entry:

“It’s a nice problem to have. We haven’t talked about what happens when you have high-capacity crowds every night at Nationals Park. That hasn’t been an issue up until last year. And so those are part of things we learn together and address. How do we best provide that value to our fans and our customers?”

Hey Feffer, you are the top executive for a $600 million company playing in a publicly financed $600 million facility, if you need a learning curve, you should be in that job. Lerners! Do you provide on the job training for your the executives at your real estate development company? I doubt it.

Here is the official response from the front office; at least they learned quickly.

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