Generally speaking, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority has its own way of doing things. Much of “Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike” covers that subject. In short, historically the Turnpike has answered only to God (if even that) and even He would have to pay the toll.

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Perhaps the most benign examples example of that is the Turnpike’s highway signs. At least in my life time, the Turnpike has avoided the typical signing convention of having an EXIT tab, The mileage to the exit is at the top of the sign, instead of the bottom too.

It is a minor quirk, possibly not even noticed by most motorists. Now, that quirk is finally being phased out and via Northeast Roads Facebook group, Lou Corsaro has a photograph to show it:

© Lou Corsaro

Of greater disappointment than the introduction of exit tabs is the sunseting of the neon advisory signs.

© I.C. Ligget

I believe these have been in use for most of the Turnpike’s lifetime, but they are going away. I hope several are saved for posterity.

Lastly, the Turnpike is starting to use control cities, but really, Wilmington? Baltimore and/or Washington would be better for the long-haul travelers.

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