Welp is spelled with a curly W


That’s pretty much all Washington Nationals fans are left to say.

Following a series win over the hated Philadelphia Phillies, the Nats could only take 1 from the Baltimore Orioles. Additionally, they endured being scolded by the second-division play-by-play announcer, telecasts featuring the O’s broadcasters, promos, etc. The finished off the final game getting shut out by Freddy Garcia of all people. I think he once shut out the Senators too.

Changes need to be made and I suspect they will be. Is Davey Johnson going to last the season? Can’t say, anything is possible. More likely, some personnel is going to be moved. I’d strongly consider DFA’ing Roger Bernadina. He has been useful at times, but he’s a 4th outfielder at best. I’d call up Anthony Rendon and say “we’ll take your inexperience at second because you can bat like a major leaguer, unlike the incumbent.”

The best thing that can happen for the Nats of course is better health — missing two starting outfielders in Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth is difficult. The Nats are 7 games over with Harper playing and about 7 games under without him. Both could be back this weekend, but just one could help.

Also, since the Nats can’t hit junkballers why not hire LIVAN to pitch batting practice every five days. Let him throw regularly and see what happens. Yes, I’m half joking here, but if you are going spitball ideas you can’t go to far.

I don’t think cutting the head off of a rubber chicken is going to fix this…

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