After another brutal game 7 loss for the Washington Capitals (more on that later) what D.C. fans absolutely did not need was Washington Nationals OF Bryce Harper running into a wall.

That’s from SB Nation: Bryce Harper injury: Nationals outfielder hurt after colliding with wall.

Probably not a good idea in a 6-0 game to go for the play and not settle for playing the ball off the carom.

Harper is listed as day-to-day, but aren’t we all?

I’m sure The Post will have a side-by-side breakdown comparing Harper running into a wall with Babe Ruth running into a wall at Griffith Stadium (Ghosts of DC).

Ruth knocked out (LOC)

Bryce Harper receives 11 stitches, no concussion after nasty collision with Dodgers Stadium fence [UPDATED] – Nationals Journal, The Post

Lots of photos on Nats Enquirer: Bryce Harper runs into Dodger Stadium wall, leaves game shaken up and bleeding…

Get well, Bryce, LOVE the stirrups!

The good news is the Nats beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-2 after that awful series with the Chicago Cubs. Jordan Zimmermann is the first MLB 7 game winner of 2013.

Ryan Zimmerman drove 3 runs.

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