WTOP Exclusive: Silver Line opening delayed until JanuaryWTOP
I can’t say I was surprised when I saw this tweet this afternoon:

Once the Bechtel Corporation completes the work and the airport authority certifies it, Metro will take at least 90 days to independently test the trains and tracks and hire and schedule staff to operate the Silver Line.

When pressed, Carnaggio admitted Oct. 1 would be a likely date for the handover to Metro, making Jan. 1 the earliest launch date.

“Weather has played a role in the reason the date is where it is now and we are confident the contractor will meet it,” he says.

In theory, the delay will be as little as three weeks. Having a 2014 opening instead of a 2013 is disappointing, particularly given the awful traffic around Tysons prior to Christmas.

The second phase, completing the Silver Line to and beyond Dulles Airport is expected in January 2019.

On a happier note, WMATA is expected showcase the 7000 series Metro rail cars tomorrow:

Author: WFY

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