2013 Nats vs. Brewers Q&A and prediction with @LeavittDC

The second half of the 2013 Washington Nationals season begins tonight with a four game series featuring the Milwaukee Brewers. I’ve asked Wisconsin native, @LeavittDC to contribute to another Q&A again, a record-breaking 7th time if you include those Penn State vs. Wisconsin previews back in the day. To the questions!

WFY: I ran into a family of Brewers fans this weekend on the Duquesne Incline – they were in Pittsburgh following the Brewers and are headed to DC this week (we were there for a wedding). They didn’t seem to excited about the 2013 Brewers. What’s going on with Brewers this year?

@LeavittDC: Blah, it’s no fun being in last place. I know a lot of Brewers fans who are getting itchy for football season to start.

WFY: How do you feel about the overall direction of the franchise? Did they max out with a couple of playoff appearances during Prince Fielder’s time with the team?

@LeavittDC:These questions are depressing me. There are some bright spots, but no team in baseball is further out of first place than the Brewers and it’s hard to see past that right now.

WFY: Do the Brewers put as much effort into their Racing Mascots as the Nats do? Do the sausages overshadow Bernie Brewer like the racing Presidents overshadow Screech. Why haven’t they come to DC yet? Are they afraid a half-smoke will show up and beat them?

@LeavittDC:That’s a clown question, bro. I mean, why haven’t the presidents come to Miller Park yet? Miller Park has pretty good beer options, like Spotted Cow from the New Glarus Brewing Company, which is a true gem. And evidently they just unveiled something called Bernie’s Barrelman Ale, which is made by Leinenkugels (a iller brand).

WFY: Milwaukee is one of the smallest MLB markets, yet the Brewres routinely draw in the top half of the NL, how do they do it?

@LeavittDC: Good question. I don’t know. But it’s clearly a credit to the stadium experience and the atmosphere that Mark Attanasio has brought to the team.

Since the two leagues were realigned to each have 15 teams this season, would you have preferred the Brewers go back to the AL instead of the Houston Astros? Do you miss fattening up the record on the Stros?

@LeavittDC: It was going to be weird either way, but the Brewers traditionally (if you can use that word for a team that is still pretty new in the context of baseball history, even if you include the one Seattle Pilot season) were in the AL so I had hoped they’d be the ones to switch.

WFY: Laverne or Shirley?

@LeavittDC:You brought up Lavern and Shirley last year, and seemed to sympathize with the fact that outsiders commonly fall back on that reference with Milwaukee. Now you’re turning on me? Editor’s note: Remember when I asked a similar question during my Twins Q&A? I was prepared to ask “Blanche, Dorothy, Rose or Sophia?” ifthe Marlins Q&A happened.

WFY: Apparently, the Brewers uniforms this year have included the following: home whites; road grays; home pinstriped throwbacks; home golds; home blues; road blues; Negro League throwbacks; minor league throwbacks (for a game in Minnesota); home whites with camouflage lettering; and home golds with Spanish-language “Cerveceros” lettering, red jerseys with Polish-langauage “Piwowarzy.” Are they overdoing it? Why did it take so long to get a Polish uniform? What about the YOUniform? I liked the jersey.

@LeavittDC: I wish teams had fewer uniforms. And of course I love the throwback glove ones for the Brewers. But I do like the Spanish- and Polish-language alternatives as a nod to the fanbase.

WFY: Toughest playoff defeat – 2008 Brewers, 2011 Brewers, 2012 Nats?

@LeavittDC: It always sucks to lose. But sometimes it’s truly just a great achievement to make the playoffs. Baseball isn’t like the NBA or NHL where half-way decent team makes the playoffs. I’m proud of the recent Brewers playoff teams. Sure, I’m proud of the 2012 Nats too, but they had a real chance at making a deep run — losing to the Cardinals was crushing. Also, I was in the stands for the Nats-Cards Game 5, which makes that one 900 times worse.

WFY: Who takes the series and why? Are you rooting for the Nats, who are still in contention, straight up?

@LeavittDC: Weather permitting, I’ll be in a suite tonight rooting for the Nats. #Natitude

WFY:Thanks, @LeavittDC, I’ll have better questions for the Skins vs. Packers this fall.

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