DC Brau brings back Heurich Lager

DC Brau, the first brewery in Washington, D.C. to open after Christian Heurich Brewing Company closed in 1956, is bringing back Heurich’s lager. From the DC Brau release – RECREATION OF HEURICH’S LAGER TO LAUNCH IN AUGUST:

Just as most DC residents are closely acquainted with DC Brau today, there was a time in recent history when many Washingtonians knew of Christian Heurich, his successful Foggy Bottom brewery, and his iconic mansion below Dupont Circle. The last time anyone tasted a Heurich beer was 1956, the year his brewery closed and made way for the Kennedy Center. The Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. had been the District’s last production brewery, and no others existed in the city until DC Brau opened in 2011. Heurich’s legacy survives at his former mansion, the Heurich House Museum, which today displays the Heurich family’s original furnishings and decorations, as well as the home’s original state-of-the-art technology.

There is a $150 a ticket launch party (less than 100 remain) at the Heurich House on August 12.

The current celebration of Heurich is a stark contrast to 2006 when Gary Heurich, grandson of brewery founder Christian Heurich, closed his Olde Heurich Brewing Co. From 2006: Foggy Bottom Ale: Olde Heurich Brewing Company closing.

A lack of hometown spirit was one of the things he mentioned at the time. Back then the Heurich House, also known as Brewmaster’s Castle, was in trouble too.

I don’t know if Gary Heurich is involved in this project, so whether the Foggy Bottom or Senate beers which were brewed under contract in Utica, N.Y. for 20 years, will return is unknown. In the short time since his bitter departure, his dream of a brewery in the District has been realized several times, albeit by others.

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