Why the Nats should always wear their solid red caps

Nats homey
Chris Creamer, long-time proprietor of the essential sportslogos.net, published an interesting post today: Does Clothing Determine Success? MLB Team Jersey Stats. The Washington Nationals portion is interesting and downright telling. The 2013 are 21-8 while wearing the traditional home red cap.

Now when going all-red at that very same ballpark the Nationals are an incredible 21-8, a .724 winning percentage, allowing only 3.07 runs per game, that’s a drop of almost 2 runs per game.

Other caps — not too good. The standard road cap, blue with a red bill (like the Atlanta Braves cap) is 22-28. They’ve worn more than another cap. The new alternate red cap with a blue bill may look sharp (third best Nats cap ever I’ll argue after the solid red/solid navy versions) is a discouraging 4-9. They wear that with their alternate red jerseys, usually on the weekends. Among the one-off caps, the awful camouflage cap they wore on Memorial Day is 0-1. The Negro League Grays cap, on the other hand, is 1-0. So, is the July 4 white cap with a red bill and stars & strips curly W.

Now, I suppose you could read this as the Nats winning at home during weeknight games and don’t on the road or on the weekends at home, but really, it is all about the caps. So, get with the program nats, wear the home red all the time. Having 6 different caps is too many too. Pick one, stick with it. If the 2005-2010 roadie isn’t part of the program, just stick with the standard red one.

I’ll also note that the Braves should ALWAYS wear their tomahawk jerseys and the Miami Marlins have only worn the official gray road uniform once.


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