“We have on this ballclub that we still have a run left in us.”

– Mike Rizzo, Washington Nationals general manager

Nats GM Rizzo: ‘We still have a run left in us’ nationals.com

Rizzo was correct, the run left in the Nats belonged to Wilson Ramos, who hit a homer onto Waveland Avenue. It was an impressive shot, but not so much that MLB gave it embeddable video treatment. Thankfully, there is vine:

The post was supposed to follow with video of the Chicago Cubs five home runs last night, but they weren’t embeddable either. Weird. Anyway, the final score was 11-1, the Northsiders biggest win of the year. All-Star Jordan Zimmerman gave up 8 runs. My reaction to this dreadful loss:

Jeff Samardzija, who has been a thorn in my side since 2006, pitched a complete game.

Earlier in the day, the Nats cut 29 year old prospect Roger Bernadina and acquired David DeJesus from the opposite dugout. They promptly put DeJesus on waivers which makes so much sense. #expectit

So, not a great way to come out of a 1-2 series with NL East leader, the Atlanta Braves. I’m not expecting playoffs, but beating up on teams like the Cubs would make the season watchable. It was so bad last night, I thought about putting on the Redskins preseason game.

Two more night games and then a day game on Thursday. Night baseball at Wrigley Field is and always will be wrong.

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