Why did John Riggins come back to the Redskins?

NFL Training Camp is not that interesting in and of itself, but John Riggins is really interesting, so I thought I’d wonder out loud about his appearance at Washington Redskins camp yesterday.

Riggins, the greatest character in D.C. sports during my lifetime, had “gone off the reservation” a few years back after a feud with the Skins’ owner Dan Snyder. After being let go from team-owned WTEM, Riggins had a radio show that simulcast on a local regional sports network (DC Sports Bog, The Post), but also provided commentary on WTOP. He got fed up with the Skins, quit his radio show (DC Sports Bog, The Post) and also started Riggo on the Range which is now on CSN Washington. Somewhere along the line, he said Dan Snyder had a dark heart (DC Sports Bog, The Post). When asked last year about Alfred Morris he responded he had not been paying attention (Hogs Haven).

Now, Ol’ Riggo is back hanging out in training camp with the Redskins, interviewed by team media and everything. DC Sports Bog and Sons of Washington covered it, but left unsaid is what changed? There are several possibilities:

  • The franchise reached out to him, they cleared the air (maybe Danny Boy saw “John Riggins: A Football Life” and had a change of heart)
  • Riggins reached out to the franchise, they cleared the air
  • He just showed up
  • Riggo is a frontrunner and is hanging out because the team actually made the playoffs last year
  • Riggo on the Range isn’t going to sell itself — perhaps publicity for his show trumps other things
  • Riggo might see a chance to get in the radio booth with Sam Huff out and Sonny Jurgensen also getting older

All of these are plausible and probably acceptable to most fans. I am just curious what brought him back. It isn’t like this is the first time he disappeared for a while:

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