Last year, two of my posts with highest traffic were about the Yale football uniforms. I was pleased they restored the traditional Y to the helmet, but not thrilled that they added merit decals. This year, Uni-Watch got ahead of me and posted the video below. he changes keep coming and it is a mixed bag:

Fall (football) fashion previewYale Alumni Magazine

GOOD: The Y-Dog logo has been removed from the sleeve, so Yale now has a better Penn State jersey than Penn State, right? Other than the thicker block numbers, the new Bulldogs jerseys have the same trim and nearly the same color as the pre-2011 Penn State jerseys.

BAD: The striping has been significantly changed — gone are the two blue stripes on the helmet, pants and socks. In the place of the classic double-stripes, some weird none stripe thing that Nike has been doing since the awful Denver Broncos redesign of 1997.

Overall, this is “fixing what isn’t broken” which is the trend in football uniforms of late. It is quite unnecessary, especially for an Ivy League program where merchandising is a non-issue.

Meanwhile, for the third season in a row, the Penn State uniform has been altered:

The “big” change is the “chipmunk” logo is now in the middle of the neckline. Combined with the Nike swoosh and the BigTen logo, it gets pretty crowded. I could take or leave the chipmunk, but the “B1G” is just aesthetically bad right there, a conference-mandated patch by the way. We all know the Nike swoosh isn’t going anywhere unless Penn State finds another outfitter.

Of course, I would prefer a return to the jerseys they wore through 2010 with the contrasting trim on the neckline and sleeves — the new Yale jersey. In 2011, Guido D’Elia claimed to be behind the change, but he may have been lying. Additionally, names are going to be retained on the back of the jersey because Coach Bill O’Brien wants everybody to know the names of the players who chose to be a part of the program during this difficult era. I won’t argue that reasoning.

Now, at least neither of the great blue and white football programs have gone the Oregon or Maryland route…yet.

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